Cyclone Boot Dryers

Cyclone Boot Dryers come in 5 models from 4 pair to 48 pair dryers.  With Cyclone Ski Boot Dryers, the boots are always inverted to drain any water that is trapped between the shell and liner. If a boot is not drained it will never dry! The boots are dried with heated air (safely controlled at 95-105 degrees) to remove the moisture quickly, safely and completely. From un-skiable wet boots to warm, dry, and comfortable in 20-30 minutes Moisture from wet boots can create fungus and bacteria which creates odor. Moisture carries away body heat 20 times faster than air. With wet boots you’ll be downright cold! Dry Boots Last Longer. 
The dryers are wall mount boot dryers and are multi boot dryers for multiple users.  Cyclone dryers are industrial boot dryers made of high quality metal and aluminum base.  The towers are industrial black power coated for durability witch gives the dryers an excellent finish worthy of being in you home.  All the posts are welded in place behind the unit for a strong connection, keeping the front clean and beautiful.  All internal parts are UL Listed, Made in the USA.
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